Expo Pavilions

Afghanistan Eating for Longevity, Afghanistan Amazingly Real  125 sqm
Albania Our Food, Our Story, Our Mystery…
Algeria Agricultural Heritage and Technological Development for Food Self-Sufficiency 375 sqm
Angola Food and Culture: Educate to Innovate 2,000 sqm
Argentina Argentina Feeds You
Austria Breathe Austria 1.910 sqm
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Pavilion 887 sqm
Bahrain Archaeologies of Green 2.000 sqm
Bangladesh Sustainability in Rice Production for Better Life Under Changing Climate
Belarus The Wheel of Life
Belgium Our Food, Our World 2,000 sqm
Benin At the Heart of Benin’s Cuisine, Nutrition for a Life Bursting with Energy
Bolivia Quinoa, a Future Sown Thousands of Years Ago 125 sqm
Bosnia Herzegovina
Brazil Feeding the World with Solutions 4,133 sqm
Brunei Darussalam Science and Technology for Food Safety, Security and Quality
Bulgaria Discover the diversity in nature 584 sqm
Burundi A Discovery of the Five Senses: Burundi
Cambodia Rice Crop Grown on the Cambodian Land Rich in Cultural Heritage 125 sqm
Cameroon Cocoa Cultivation; an Argument for Opportunities 125 sqm
Rep. Cape Verde
Chile Chile, a Diverse Country 1,910 sqm
China Land of Hope, Food for Life 4,590 sqm
Colombia Naturally Sustainable
Comoros Eat Comorian to Eat Healthy
Congo Science and Technology at the Service of Food Security and Quality
Côte D’Ivoire Producing Cocoa for the Planet. Respectfully
Costa Rica Sustain the Ability of Development
Cuba On the Road to Food Sovereignty
Czech Republic Laboratory of Life 1,362 sqm
Democratic Republic of the Congo Using Natural Resources Based on Their Potential 125 sqm
Dominican Republic Empowering Family Farmers so They Can Feed Themselves, Their Communities, and the World
Egypt Isis, the Flying Seed: the Incomplete Journey ​​375 sqm
El Salvador Quality and Diversity of Coffee. Sustainable and Competitive Production
Equatorial Guinea Balanced Nutrition and Sustainable Nature for Development
Eritrea Flourishing in Arid Zones, The Eritrean Experience 125 sqm
Estonia Gallery of ___
Ethiopia The Root of Coffee and Much More
France Different Ways of Producing and Providing Food 3,592 sqm
Gabon Food that benefits all lifestyles
Gambia Sustaining the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Horticulture for Food Security and Poverty Reduction 125 sqm
Germany Fields of Ideas 4,913 sqm
Ghana Cocoa: Your wealth, health, and heritage
Greece Greek Food: Sharing the Flavors of Health
Guinea Fruit and Legumes, an Engine for Socio-Economic Development and Poverty Reduction in Guinea 125 sqm
Haiti From the Earth to the Plate, Let’s Share and Enrich our Heritage 250 sqm
Holy See Not by Bread Alone. At the Lord’s Table with all Mankind ​​747 sqm
Hungary From The Purest Sources 1,910 sqm
Iran Global Sofreh, Iranian Culture 800 sqm
Ireland Origin Green Ireland: Working with Nature
Israel The Fields of Tomorrow 2,369 sqm
Italy The Nursery of Italy 12,000 sqm
Japan Harmonious Diversity 4,170 sqm
Kazakhstan The Land of Opportunities 2,396 sqm
Kenya The Land of Unlimited Possibilities
Korea You Are What You Eat
Kuwait Water is the key to surviv 2,790 sqm
Kyrgyzstan All Nature is here
Latvia Latvian Pavilion
Lebanon Cuisine: the Lebanese Art & Soul 125 sqm
Lithuania Well of Knowledge: Experienced Future 1,147 sqm
Malaysia Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem 2,047 sqm
Malta Derived from the past, preserved for the future, experienced at Expo Milano 2015
Mauritania Irrigated Culture under Palm Trees of the Arid Regions of the Desert and Dairy Food 125 sqm
Mexico Mexico, the Seed for the New World: Food, Diversity and Heritage 1,900 sqm
Moldova Shine the Light – Energy of Sun, Energy of Earth,

Food for People

747 sqm
Monaco Excellence and Solidarity – A New Look at Feeding the Planet 1,010 sqm
Montenegro Healthy with Every Bite! 250 sqm
Morocco A Journey of Flavors
Mozambique From Tradition to Innovation: Feeding Lives and Nurturing Dreams
Nepal Food Safety and Sustainability for Development
Netherlands Share, Grow, Live
Oman Heritage in Harvest 2,790 sqm
Panama Imperdonables de la Cadena del Frio
Qatar Seeding Sustainability Innovative Solutions for Food Sustainability 2.450 sqm
Republic of Palau
Romania Living in harmony with nature 887 sqm
Rwanda Coffee Journey to a Prosperous Land of a Thousand Hills
Russia Growing for the World. Cultivating for the Future 4.000 sqm
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino Small Enough to be Big
Sao Tome and Principe Biodiversity with Cocoa and Pleased Culture
Saudi Arabia Fusion of Elements, Sustainability of Food
Senegal Produce, Nourish and Protect: the Challenges of Food Security and Sustainable Development in Senegal
Serbia Taste Food, Feel Life 250 sqm
Sierra Leone Food Security – A Means to the Agenda for Prosperity 125 sqm
Slovakia World in the Pocket 1,010 sqm
Slovenia I Feel Slovenia. Green. Active. Healthy 1,910 sqm
Somalia Plentiful Life from a Little Water: Somalia – its Animals, its Fragrances
Spain Cultivating the Future 2,104 sqm
Sri Lanka A Green Paradise
Switzerland Confooderatio Helvetica 4,433 sqm
Tanzania Experience Tanzanian Culture through Food and Spices 125 sqm
Thailand Nourishing and Delighting the World 2,974 sqm
Timor-Leste The Tale of the Timorese Coffee Farmer
Togo Cereals and Tubers Contribution to Food and Nutritional Security of the People of Togo
Tunisia Tunisia, Naturally Generous
Turkey Digging into History for future Food 4,170 sqm
Turkmenistan Water is life
Uganda Enhancing Food Security with Coffee
United Arab Emirates Food for Thought – Shaping and Sharing the Future 4,386 sqm
United Kingdom Grown in Britain: Shared Globally
USA American Food 2.0: United to Feed the Planet
Uruguay Life grows in Uruguay 747 sqm
Uzbekistan Taste of the Sun
Vanuatu Go Organic for Better Life – Vanuatu
Venezuela Venezuela feeds its People’s awareness
Vietnam Water and Lotus 887 sqm
Yemen Mocha Coffee and Sidr Honey, Yemen’s Gift to the World
Zambia Come, Let Us Make Food 125 sqm
Zimbabwe Food Security, Sustainable Development: a Healthy Zimbabwe 125 sqm
Vanke Corporate Pavilion The Vanke Pavil­ion 1,000 m2
New Holland Corporate Pavilion Earth Screen­ing 1,600 m2
EU Respect the land and grow the future 1,900 m

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