Un Posto a Milano – Cascina Cuccagna

Un Posto a Milano - Cascina Cuccagna
Restaurant Un Posto a Milano at Cascina Cuccagna serves simple, flavorful farm-to-table fare with a strong focus on local ingredients grown in an onsite garden.

At first glance, a 17th century farmhouse in the middle of a major city might seem unusual, but given that Cascina Cuccagna’s surroundings were once rural before the city expanded its urban wings, it’s not as odd as it seems. The restaurant Un Posto a Milano is just one facet of the cascina’s recent restoration which also includes a farmer’s market and cultural center.

Literally meaning “a place in Milan,” Un Posto a Milano serves simple, flavorful farm-to-table fare with a strong focus on local ingredients (provided by more than 100 small and medium size farms), particularly making use of the bounty grown in the onsite garden.

Un Posto a Milano
Cotechino Tortelli with broccoli sauce, almonds and oranges

Chef Nicola Cavallaro’s tempting menu changes frequently—as often as daily–and has included whole-meal spaghetti with clams, turnip tops and candied lemon; marinated and grilled chicken with pumpkin purée and Sichuan pepper;  and octopus with cauliflower pickles and almonds.

Un Posto a Milano
Fassona Beef Shortrib with Polenta and gremolada


Couple your dinner with a local craft beer or wine from a nearby producer.  When the warm weather arrives, the verdant courtyard—a temporary reprieve from the city’s hustle and bustle–is one of the Milan’s most frequented locales for those looking to either dine or take an aperitivo al fresco.


Via Cuccagna, 2 (Porta Romana)

Opening Time

Tue-Sun 10am-1am


02 5457785


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