Lacerba – Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Lacerba – Restaurant & Cocktail Bar
Lacerba – Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Sure, you could walk into every other bar on the streets of Milan to enjoy an evening out amongst friends. But if you want the full experience: extraordinary drinks, professional bartenders, and a different, yet exceptional environment then there is really just one place to go to: Lacerba.

The name hints to the futurist magazine Lacerba founded in Florence in 1913 when this artistic movement echoed in the press. The bizarre collection of objects and posters in the bar today  was inspired by photographs in the old magazine. The interior has a creative and genuine feel although perhaps also a bit shabby, and it makes it the perfect setting for feeling at home in a bar.

Lacerba is found on the fairly hidden street Via Orti in the Porta Romana area. Strategically, it’s the perfect location – close enough to public transports to attract the right clientele, but far enough from the city center to avoid the tourist crowds. Despite its popularity amongst the chic Milanese crowd, the place has a laid-back relaxed atmosphere that welcomes everyone.

At Lacerba [qui si beve] the cocktails are the main event and all the bartenders work their own magic. With care and attention to detail, they shake and muddle away throughout the night. Should the extensive drink list become too overwhelming, they are happy to give suggestions based on your preferred liquor base and the sweetness or tanginess of your choice. It is clear that when ordering a drink at Lacerba you will receive something that exceeds your expectations.

During aperitivo hours the drinks are served with a plate of nibbles, there is no crowded buffet. Should you still be hungry however, you have just to take a few steps across the bar and you’ll end up in the restaurant with the same name. At the Lacerba restaurant [qui se mangia] they serve up food from the Mediterranean kitchen with fresh fish as a pronounced base.

The word on the street is that Lacerba is one of the best bars in town, and although that might be a hard title to judge, we can guarantee that after an evening at Lacerba you will walk home with a great time in your pocket.

Via Orti, 4 (Porta Romana)

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday: 6pm-1am (Aperitivo 6pm-9.30pm)
Friday-Saturday: 6pm-2am (Aperitivo 6pm-9.30pm)
Sunday : Closed

02 545 5475

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