Top brunch hangouts in Milan

Mi.mag has hunted down the best brunch spots in Milanl for the days when you want nothing more than bacon and eggs.

Sure, we like to begin our weekday mornings with breakfast the Italian way: a repast on our feet with a cappuccino, brioche and–at times–a spremuta, but when the weekend rolls around, it’s a completely different story. There’s nothing quite like enjoying an extended, leisurely brunch against the backdrop of some good conversation with friends and loved ones. This breakfast/lunch combination might most often be associated with America, but Milan’s brunch scene holds its own.

Here are ten places where to have weekend brunch in Milan. 

Brunch at Pandenus MIlanoPandenus

Via A. Tadino, 15; 02.29528016.
Corso Concordia, 11; 02.91760875
Largo Foppa, 2; 02.65560824
Via Francesco Melzi d’Eril, 3; 02.33611071
Sat – Sun. Price: €20

Named for an old Milanese saying “Pan e nus, mangia de spus” that translates to “Bread and nuts, the food of love”, these bakeries/cafes have a few Milan locations, all of which serve a dandy weekend brunch. The 20€ per person price applies to four options each named after a neighborhood in a major city, all of which include coffee, tea and a selection of bread. For instance, the Belgravia, a chic London neighborhood, gets you Eggs Benedict, yogurt, Macedonia and pancakes. Offered Saturday and Sunday.

Brunch at Pavè MilanoPavè

Via Felice Casati, 27
Sat – Sun. Price: varied (order items individually)

While Pavè doesn’t have a classic brunch in terms of a set menu or buffet, it’s still an ideal locale for your Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  Opt for one of the pastries such as Brioche 160, filled with 100 grams of apricot marmalade or for a prepared plate like their flavorful salads and sandwiches. Even drop in during the late afternoon for a merenda or early evening aperitivo. Expect to spend about 10 to 15 € per person. Kitchen open between 12pm- 3pm for prepared foods while the confections are available all day.

Brunch at Dulcis in Fundo MilanoDulcis in fundo

Via Gianfranco Zuretti, 55
Sat – Sun. Price: €23

This vibrant restaurant in Northern Milan offers an American-style brunch replete with both savory and sweet items that include sunny side up or scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, freshly made pancakes with maple syrup, home made jams, natural juices and coffee. Reservations recommended. Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 3pm. 23 € per person.

Brunch at ca'puccino MilanoCa’puccino

Via Malpighi, 1
Sat-Sun. Price: €19

On Saturday or Sunday, the 19 € per person brunch menu gets you either the “Colazione Friulana,” two scrambled eggs with marinated salmon and steamed spinach, or the “Colazione Completa”  which is two eggs fried or scrambled with sausage, crispy pancetta and smoked tomatoes. Both are accompanied by a Ligurian focaccia, sweet cornetto, fruit salad,  yogurt, and a coffee or tea. Or you can just order a la care.   

Brunch at Asola MilanoAsola

Via Durini, 28 (Brian & Barry Building)
Sunday. Price: €35

This restaurant on the Brian & Barry Building rooftop offers a Sunday brunch complete with a sweeping view of the city.  Chef Matteo Torretta’s 35 € per person menu is in line with the global influences that has swept over in Milan as the city prepares to host the World Expo, offering a sampling of flavors from all over the world. For instance, the American menu includes eggs with bacon, homemade burgers with leavened bread, pork ribs with barbeque sauce, peanut butter glazed corn on the cob and pickled cucumbers. Sundays from 11am to 4pm.

Brunch at Frida MilanoFrida

Via Pollaiuolo, 3
02. 680260
Sun. Price: varied (order items individually)

Part restaurant, part fashion boutique in Milan’s beloved Isola neighborhood, Frida’s outdoor garden is the perfect place to pass a Sunday afternoon. The brunch menu features American style dishes and changes quite regularly, but you are always likely to find pancakes, egg preparations, salads and burgers.   Menu is à la carte but expect to spend around 15 € per person. Coffee and tea are included.

Brunch at That's Bakery MilanoThat’s Bakery

Via Vigevano, 41
Sat – Sun. Price: €18-23

This adorable restaurant and bakery in the Navigli offers a weekend and holiday brunch menu comprised of four different options. Prices range form 18 to 23 € per person and include an open sandwich, standard sandwich, eggs and burger. Each is served with sweet potato fries, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, sausage, sweet and sour onions and a mixed salad as well as water, orange juice, American coffee and a cupcake.

Brunch at Ostello Bello MilanoOstello Bello

Via Medici, 4
02. 36582720
Sat – Sun. Price: varied (order items individually)

This upscale hostel offers one of the Milan’s coolest brunch options with the hippest of environments to match. The offerings include a breakfast buffet replete with coffee, tea, milk, cereals, bread, jam, yogurt and fruit and a choice from one of six plates such as English breakfast, an omelette and pancakes.  Prices range from € 10 to € 12 per dish.  Saturday & Sunday from 12.30 to 3.30pm

Brunch at Cocotte MilanoCocotte

Via Benvenuto Cellini, 1
Sat – Sun. Price: €15

Named for a kind of lidded iron cookware, Cocotte serves one of the Milan’s best brunch bargains in an atmosphere that evokes the charm of Southern France. The €15 per person price includes juice, coffee, sparkling wine, a choice of a main plate such as pancakes, a casserole or croque madame, and a sweet to finish.

Brunch at Erba Brusca MilanoErba Brusca

Strada Alzaia Naviglio Pavese, 286
Sat-Sun. Price: varied (order items individually)

Situated on the city outskirts near the Navigli, Erba Brusca’s atmosphere feels like you’re in a rural oasis and not just a few minutes from a bustling city. The outdoor garden is the perfect locale for passing a Sunday brunch. The à la carte menu from American chef Alice Delcourt includes the Fry Up of fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, potatoes an tomatoes and rice flour pancakes with lemon, poppy seeds and bacon. If going for all three courses, expect to spend about 30€ euro per person.

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