Milan Nightlife Guide: NightClubs for Dancing

Milan Nightlife: The best discotheques and night clubs in Milan.


Armani Privè

Via Gastone Pisoni, 1

Armani Prive Milan

Armani Privé is a refined, elegant and exclusive nightclub. It’s typically frequented by 25 to 40 year olds and there is a strict door policy; it’s often reserved for regulars clients, and invited guests. Its mirrored walls, soft lighting, backlit circular portholes, bamboo canes and red lanterns recall the orient and characterize the charm of the venue.

There isn’t a set dance floor but people dance in small spaces in between and around the tables. The DJ is on a wooden console and crystal clear table and plays a mix of R&B and commercial house music. This refined and popular spot captures anyone who gets in and it is without a doubt the perfect place for those looking to have the quintessential fashionable Milanese evening.

The Club

Corso Garibaldi 97

The Club Milan

It’s safe to say The Club is one of the hottest nightspots in Milan. It’s located in the bustling district of Moscova, near all of the coolest bars. Dark walls and neon lights embody the atmosphere of the venue, while the pulsing strobe lights give the place a sense of excitement. The DJ is the soul of the night, playing new hits and entertaining the guests on the dance floor. Around the dance floor there is an exclusive private area that VIP club goers make the own dance floor.


Via Gaudenzio Fantoli, 9


Fabrique opened its doors in September 2014, and established itself as a modern and avant-garde venue as well as a reference point for all realities. In the eastern outskirts of Milan, this new space is a hub  for music lovers, the entertainment industry, and fashion and culture events. With 2,000 meters of space, an official capacity of 2,950 people, two bars, one big stage, three levels and a cutting-edge sound and lighting system, the Fabrique is one of largest and most important music venues in the city. It offers one of the most stunning club environments in the city with a great selection of live gigs.  The program is a balanced mix of large, well-known guests, artists from all contemporary genres and up-and-coming names.

Just Cavalli Club

Via Luigi Camoens c/o Torre Branca

Just Cavalli Milan

Just Cavalli is the spot created by the renowned designer Roberto Cavalli, and the club perfectly represents the concept of his brand: extravagant and opulent. Not only for the atmosphere, charged with purple neon lights, but also for the service level.

Because it is spread over such a large area, the party flows into an outdoor area with a huge dance floor during the summer, while during the winter the atmosphere is made special by a crystal structure at the base of the Branca tower.


Via Gargano, 15

Plastic Milan

Plastic is one of the most popular alternative nightclubs of Milan. This place leaves all pretense aside; no matter who you are, once you’re in, you’re no longer a VIP. Although its fans include Vogue Editor Anna del Russo and Stefano Gabbana, Plastic is the most democratic place in Milan.

The location is decorated in a purely kitschy style, between sofas and columns; there is a mix of models, gay men, drag queens and guys in suits. The curated door policy at the entrance is a result of the success of the past few years. Without a doubt, Plastic is a place that brings us back to the underground world.

Il Gattopardo Cafè

Via Piero della Francesca, 47

Il Gattopardo Cafe Milan

Gattopardo Café is a modern disco bar frequented by an elegant crowd of late twenty-somethings and older. It’s the most famous deconsecrated church in Milan, and a sanctuary of entertainment. The original and unique architecture of the location, the imposing crystal chandelier, remote furniture style and marble columns evoke a charm of a by-gone era. Attendees can be found between marble columns from Tuesday to Sunday.


Via Messina, 38

Byblos Milan

Byblos is located on Via Messina 38, near the city’s trendiest nightlife area, Corso Como. Although the location is one of the best in Milan, the prices are in the same range as the locales nearby.

The nightclub has a classic -contemporary style, and is structured on several levels that connect the clubhouse restaurant to an outer space with a beautiful terrace overlooking the garden terrace. The interior is organized around a central dance floor, and has two bars as well as a space with tables used as Privè. Byblos not only attracts attention for its amazing structure, but also for the choice of music genre.

Club Haus 80’s

Via Valtellina, 21

Club Haus 80's Milan

Club Haus 80’s is an eclectic and entertaining nightclub. On Fridays the program includes a strong eighties-influenced soundtrack and energetic party. On Saturdays,  the music evolves into a mix of new sounds with the most glamorous soundtracks from the eighties.

Each week there is a different theme for the party, and to attend it guests should to be dressed the appropriate way, otherwise there is no getting in. The choice of the music is a mix of the DJ’s experiences, diverse music genres and a the club’s passion for disco.

Atomic Bar

Via Felice Casati, 24

Atomic Bar Milan

Since 1995, the Atomic Bar has reached a historic level of fame as an alternative bar for its underground style and hidden location. The music is chosen with great attention and care; the playlist is a mix of new music genres and classics from the past. The Atomic Bar is also known abroad, and many bands like NOFX, Dresden Dolls, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Joe Strummer, Paul Weller and Nick Cave, have graced the bar with their presence.

Dude Club

Via Carlo Boncompagni 44

Dude Club Milan

In September 2014, the Dude Club moved to the Corvetto area; however, the change didn’t affect the nightclub’s identity as a temple of techno. The spot currently hosts national and international DJs with a program of one-night only. One of the clubs new features is the cocktail menu made from Rita & Cocktails, a famous bar in the Navigli  neighborhood.  The entrance fee for those who present their ID card before 2am, is 12 €.

Santa Tecla Cafè

Via Santa Tecla, 3

Santa Tecla Milan

In the heart of Milan, the Santa Tecla Cafè was born in the 50s as a place to promote new pop singers and rock bands. In the 90s a fire destroyed the club and NY style clubs inspired its reconstruction. Today the club is under a new management and periodically hosts evenings and events such as the famous “Punk Wears Prada”.

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