Milano Wine Garden

milano wine garden

In the heart of Old Milan, Milano Wine Garden’s aim is to revive the high symbolic value of the vine by retracing the ancient agricultural traditions and the profound significance that has always surrounded the grapevine and its fruit. Described as a center for the dissemination of the culture of wine, there will be areas dedicated to tastings, conferences, literature, events, as well as to the discovery of products and initiatives from the industry.

The idea is to offer an unique wine experiences to visitors. You can taste in the bistrot; listen to the seminars and conventions in the Chapel, understand during the classic and aromatic tastings, experience the show cooking and rediscover through the books and wines in the book shop and wine shop areas.

Dates: 1 May-20 September (open every day from 10am to 10pm)
Entry: Entry ranges from free to 35euros, depending on the event of the day.
Venue: Oratorio della Passione, Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, 15
Closest Metro stop: Sant’Ambrogio (Green Line/M2)

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