Fun Things To Do In Milan At Night

Fun Things To Do In Milan At Night

There are a lot of highlights in the average itinerary for a visit to Milan. But the bulk of them concern sightseeing and daytime attractions. It’s also worthwhile to have a few ideas for how to spend an evening out in the city, aside from trying some of the highly regarded restaurants and cocktail bars. Below we’ll go over some excellent nighttime activities to enjoy at this popular Italian getaway.

Segway Tour

This sounds silly given that zooming around on a Segway is in itself kind of goofy, but this is actually a fun and unique way to experience the city. Billed as a way to get a different perspective on Milan, it’s an official, two and-a-half hour tour you can take at night, rolling by famous attractions and taking in astounding views of the city lit up at night. You’ll have a guide that you can listen to with an audio device as you go, but you’ll also feel like you have total control over the tour given that you’ll be driving your own Segway.

Rooftop Duomo Tour

Milan’s Duomo is one of the most famous landmarks in the city, and is stunning to behold from any angle. You can also book a guided tour up to the top of it and take in views of the surrounding city from the roof. You’ll learn about the history of the Duomo in the process, but really this is a nighttime sightseeing option. It’s not unlike an evening visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a ride on the London Eye in London.

Las Vegas by Playpark

This is a venue designed to capture the spirit of Las Vegas, which is to say it’s a small but enjoyable casino in the heart of Milan. As a site providing information and updates on the industry puts it, slot games are afforded prime real estate both in physical gaming halls and digital ones, and that’s most of what you can enjoy at Las Vegas by Playpark. There’s a small but really enjoyable collection of slot machines and games not unlike what you might find at a smaller venue in the real Las Vegas.

La Scala Opera Theatre

If you like theatre and live performances, a classic opera house in Italy is probably already high on your list. Well, it just so happens that this opera house, first opened in the late-1700s, is one of the best in Europe. It has an interesting history, as it was actually demolished during the course of World War II, but it’s been beautifully restored and maintained throughout the years. It also still hosts some of the best musical and dance performances around.

Nottingham Forest

We mentioned staying away from cocktail bars on this list, but we have to close things out with just this one. Nottingham Forest—strangely named for a Milan bar—is supposedly one of the oldest bars in the world. It’s got a cluttered but intimate atmosphere, and a menu full of unusual cocktails that can make for an excellent night out. Incidentally, it’s also been described as one of Europe’s best bars, thanks in large part to the use of molecular mixology in some of the cocktails.

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