The Zanetti and Friends Match for Expo

The Zanetti and Friends Match for Expo Milano 2015 Takes Place on May 4 at San Siro


On Monday, May 4 at San Siro Stadium in Milan international football takes to the field for charity. Playing for solidarity, and in support of charities working in the field of child nutrition, some of the greatest champions in the world will take part in Zanetti and Friends Match for Expo Milano 2015 to promote the culture of both sport and nutrition.
A special evening with music provided by Il Volo, the group that recently wowed audience at Italy’s SanRemo Festival. This will be a party open to all, and is expected to be attended by people all ages. Foody, the Expo Milano 2015 mascot, will be on the pitch, ensuring that fun is had by all. For students, there has been a competition to create food and nutrition-themed banners to bring into the stadium. The winning class will accompany the players onto the field, their banners held high.
The match ticket includes a free fixed date Fast Pass admission to Expo Milano 2015, which is valid for the duration of Expo Milano 2015.


4 May 2015

San Siro Stadium




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