Gattò Robe e Cucina

Gattò robe e cucina Restaurant & Boutique in Milano
Gattò robe e cucina Restaurant, born in 2004 at via Castel Morrone in Milan, combines a piece of Naples with experiences from France.

It’s easy to understand the importance of regional food to Italians when the first thing you read on a restaurant’s website is “Warning to all Neapolitans: some of our dishes originate in Naples but is a bit reworked, you will not find them made as by your mama”. I don’t think a restaurant in any other country would need to address this issue, but Italy is Italy and the regional audacity is part of its charm.

The restaurant in this particular case is Gattò robe e cucina, born in 2004 at via Castel Morrone. It was the desire to do something new, by combining a piece of Naples with experiences from France that inspired Gattò robe e cucina to create food and products that are loved by all. They strive to offer guests a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere where they can enjoy a beautiful meal whilst feeling at home.

The cuisine at Gattò is Mediterranean, made of simple but appetizing flavors that are cooked in a light and healthy way in order to retain the quality and freshness of the ingredients. The menu changes according to the season, and because they want to maintain the feeling of casalinga, it might just be that some of the dishes will not be available throughout the full evening. But do not worry – there is always something on the menu that will satisfy your palate.

One thing that is always available on the menu is the gattò (as the restaurant’s name implies). Gattò is the Italianized version of the French word gateau, meaning cake, however this gattò consists of potatoes, mozzarella and fresh provola cheese. It´s a must-try, and a great way to start your dinner.

The other half of the restaurant’s name: robe e cucina or “stuff and kitchen” also implies something else: the foyer of Gattò is not only a place where to enjoy an aperitivo but it is also a boutique. The products you can find in this small shop are a result of the owners discoveries or suggestions and proposals from customers. Simply put; things you cannot find elsewhere.

In conclusion, Gattò is the place to visit when you want to enjoy traditional Italian food with a modern and experimental twist. Prices range from around 13- 16 Euro for a primo and 20-25 Euro for a secondo. The wine list is extensive and the service is warm and friendly.

Via Castel Morrone 10

Opening times:

Lunch: 12:45pm-3pm

Aperitivo: 6:30pm-9pm

Dinner: 7:45pm-11pm

Closed on Sundays

Contact Info:

02 700 068 70


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