Dry Cocktails & Pizza

Dry Cocktails & Pizza Milano
Situated on Via Solferino, Dry Cocktails and Pizza is one of the most popular and trendy cocktail bar in MIlano, serving a delicious pizza as well.

When a cocktail bar is called Dry you might initially think the name refers to one of the world’s most famous drinks: the Dry Martini; however, in the case of Dry Cocktails & Pizza, the name is derived from something completely unexpected. The bar takes its name from an acronym that in software engineering stands for Don’t Repeat Yourself. The mission of the place, is therefore to present something that has never been done before to the Milanese crowd.

Entering Dry is like leaving Italy and ending up in the West Village in New York, it’s hard to find another cocktail bar that offers the same kind of atmosphere in central Milan. The interior is minimal and industrial yet chic and cozy. The bottles in the bar are placed on mirrored glass shelves- a piece of artwork in itself. The big communal tables invite new groups of friends to connect.

Situated on one of the trendiest streets in Milan, Via Solferino is characterized by hip bars and contemporary restaurants. Dry acts like the street’s centerpiece, always attracting a big crowd. Reservations are highly recommended, but on the other hand, waiting in line outside Dry can be a perfect opportunity to people watch.

Dry has become the success it is because of Guglielmo Miriello and Simone Lombardi. Miriello is a bartender rediscovering forgotten cocktails from the past and experimenting with new classics; while Lombardi is the pizza chef who makes sure you get served the perfect crispy crust with flavorful, high-quality toppings. Although the combination of cocktails and pizza might sound strange in a country where wine is the natural accompaniment to food, at Dry they emphasize that they don’t do cocktails with pizza, they do cocktails and pizza. Rather then combining two different products, they give you a taste of two different worlds.

The cocktail menu is divided into three main segments, Vintage & Forgotten, Contemporary Classics and Signature. Your choice depends on how adventurous you feel. If cocktails are not your thing you don’t need to worry, Dry also serves beer, wine and Prosecco.

With great attention to detail, a flawless atmosphere and a pronounced variety of drinks an evening at Dry will not leave you disappointed… or thirsty.

Via Solferino, 33

Opening hours
Cocktail bar: 7pm – 1:30am
Pizzeria: 7pm – midnight

02 63793414

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